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Forfeit Policy


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Notify via Text or Email with day / time / team-name / league / location*


(215) 483-9340

*WCSL requires notice for ALL forfeits! Any Monday-Friday League forfeit after 3pm with be considered LATE OR NO NOTICE.  Saturday/Sunday forfeits with less than 24 hours notice will be considered late.    

Penalties for ALL Forfeits:

- Charged both team's officials' fee in the event a replacement team cannot be secured (Captain will be direct-charged to reimburse officials).

- Loss of Standings Point in Overall League Standings.

Additional Penalties for Late Notice or No Notice:

- An opposing team forfeited against in the Regular Season has the right to take a game from the offending team later in the season to complete their full number of scheduled games. 

- Potential loss of Playoff opportunity.

Leagues where only the Top 4 teams play for a Championship, teams will be charged $50 for ANY FORFEITED GAME.  (Captain will be direct-charged to credit the opposing team). 

- $50 Fee charged during Final Week of Regular Season 

- Not applicable in a tournament style playoff bracket format & opponent advances to next round.  

- Continual forfeits will result in potential removal from the league.


We take forfeits very seriously at WCSL.  Registration is a commitment and we expect teams to play all of their scheduled games and be respectful of their opponents' commitment and expectations.  Failure to attend a scheduled game deprives other teams a portion of their season causing great disappointment & frustration involving travel time and the disruption of personal schedules.  Please be respectful members of the WCSL community and be courteous to your fellow league members!  Captains are responsible for confirming team attendance each week in advance so that proper notice can be given if a forfeit is absolutely unavoidable.  Each forfeit will be handled on a case-by-case basis & WCSL has the right to exercise the penalties as necessary.  

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